HyperQuest services compress cycle time, improve severity accuracy, and provide transparency into the claims process. To company managers, adjusters, repairers and part retailers, our products provide rich information, better control over how you operate, and improved profitability. Our Products:

HQ Audit

Make the premier choice for real-time auditing of auto physical damage claims, subrogation claims, and other custom auditing needs.

HQ Inspect

Manage your field operations and repair network through a central system that leverages real-time data transfer, integrated parts management tools, and multi-point estimate auditing technologies.

HQ Subrogation

Bring automation to this traditionally manual process, improving leakage control and reducing arbitration.

HQ Parts

Deliver accurate parts inventory to appraisers, confirm parts availability for re-inspectors, automatically approve part selections, and document historical use for subrogation reviewers.


HQ Dispatch

Deploy assignment, dispatch, and claims management technologies that don’t require the purchase or integration of enterprise systems.

HQ Conversion

Convert paper-based claims documents to a digital format.

HQ Communication

Move or collect claims data from any estimating platform without the integration to your claims system and without cost or interruption to your trading partners.

HQ Procurement

Integrate repair networks and supply vendors with a centrally controlled estimate approval and parts procurement process.

HQ Business Intelligence

HyperQuest business intelligence solutions can combine information from your industry and business - across time - to help you turn information into action.